Adam Hoier (ahoier) wrote,
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Wal-Mart - self-checkout change?

mmmm...well it's been a while since my last update.

Anyways....I went to Cocoa Wal-Mart today and the local wal-mart now has a 10 item MINIMUM for self-checkout? What's the deal with THAT?

And when I first saw the introduction of 12+ self-checkout kiosks (6 on each end of the store....approximate) - I thought this was Sam Walton's move to lay-off some cashiers!...I mean can have one cashier "monitoring" 4 kiosks...and that's some savings there, instead of hiring 4 cashiers..

We asked the cashier (SHE WASN'T A ROBOT! lol...)when we finally made it up through the line 15 minutes later. The lady said it was some new thing due to a "system change" where the bags need to be weighed as the groceries are checked out?

Who knows....but I loved the self-checkout system, even if it did cause some lay-offs of Wal-Mart cashiers.
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